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This is what happened a few days ago during our annual Magic Circle ceremony at Stonehenge.

In the centre of those sacred stones, placed there by druids and by us magicians and mediums, together we created a very powerful magic circle. There, along with a very dear friend, one of the best psychics I know, we spoke about you!
At that moment... I felt possessed by extraordinary, long and intense vibrations! It was truly magical!
It was as if everything that you had lived through in the past, everything that you now bury deep inside, had literally invaded my spirit.
YOU conquered my spirit!
Thanks to my powers I was able to clearly see everything that your astral Sky has in store for you, a shameless fortune for the coming weeks and months. As a result of your qualities and your unusual personality, you, to put it simply, deserve this opportunity. The time has come to take advantage of all the good things that life owes you.
This morning, a very bright "flash of divine revelation" opened my eyes once more on your future. But this time I did not see only good things... there was a dark shadow, like a thick veil, that covered your face.
I must tell you the whole truth: the good news and the bad… My heart is filled with joy and enthusiasm when I reveal the favourable and fortunate auspices that will lead you to a change in your life. However, today I am sorry to say that I feel obliged to take on an unpleasant role, and this fact makes me very sad.
In practical terms, what is the meaning of this black veil that forms a sad and opaque aura around you?
  • An unpleasant dream that will become reality? A question that will come back around?
  • A critical problem that will be tricky and difficult to solve?
  • A serious financial problem, a separation, the loss of a loved one, a conspiracy?
  • Perhaps there are very virulent (and therefore very negative) waves that are blocking the passage of beneficial fluid, without which life becomes hell?
This would explain your continuing doubts, recurring errors, current difficulties in "achieving your goals" and also your lack of confidence.
I must admit that it is difficult, right now, for me to know what it is about and where it all comes from. A spell, jealousy, black magic, evil eye...? Anything is possible and I must make sure.
The thought that you could be in danger or a risky situation is unbearable for me. Therefore, I beg you, even if it is the only time in your life that you do: trust me! Because we have to clearly see what awaits you in the coming weeks.
Therefore, I need you.
If I am to identify this torment that is oppressing you by quickly bringing you your free Reading and helping you to finally get rid of all the burdens that are dragging you down in your life, I need you to confirm some answers to the questions that you will find at the end of this letter. It is important for you and for me.
Pay attention: this reading, which I am offering you for free,  will not only show you how to avoid all the pitfalls along your path, but will also indicate all the good things that await you in your future: FORTUNE, but also MONEY, and definitely HAPPINESS!
What you must do to receive your absolutely unique and very confidential free Reading is to complete and send me the attached questionnaire immediately. I am counting on you and your diligence. I will also act diligently with you.
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Kind regards,
     Sensitive Psychic
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